Wednesday, July 14, 2010


When "types" are mentioned, my head goes places,
The BMTC .... woman just demand their seat and men just happen to sit only on their seats.
Some ppl are cheerful and their whole body shows it ... so prominently.
Some ppl are pale, it shows on their Shoes.
Some ppl are sad, but their attires are awesome.
Some ppl are simple, but they are gorgeous.
Some ppl are confident, but they wear white socks with formals.
Some ppl are approachable, they look aloof.
Some ppl are not approachable, they would actually be pleading to start a conversation.
Some ppl are gifted, they just won't realize that.
Some ppl are a criminal Waste, but they still are left to live their life's.

I can go on & on.....

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  1. whoaaawww, u r amazingly creative!!!! Loved the way you flowed thinking something now :)