Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Guys n Gals,

I have been a active participator in my socializing sites, it really sad that lots of attention seekers, most attention seekers have the most disastrous mode of relating to life. Another friend of mine, is going throu a bad marriage.......... man, she's one woman who is out rite SEXY and she's unhappy, anything u ask her she has an answer..... against someone and some way of the other we finally endup talking about ..... u know what. Shame Shame.... how come adults always land up there.... All u happy n sad friends of mine...... Have fun, live happily n rest can be taken care of later..... Have a Fantabulous Eveng.....

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  1. Marriage - all about compromise and laughing it off and having fun!!!! Bond for forever should be the MANTRA!!!